WWE Releases Over a Dozen Wrestlers from NXT UK

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Several wrestlers from WWE‘s NXT UK brand are leaving the company.

On Thursday, WWE announced the upcoming launch of NXT Europe, a new brand that will essentially replace NXT UK.

Shawn Michaels, WWE’s Vice President of Talent Development Creative, was quoted in a press release saying, “Given the success of NXT UK, we felt like it was time to expand beyond that.”

WWE recently canceled upcoming NXT UK TV tapings, which understandably created an aura of uneasiness amongst the roster.

NXT UK will be going on “hiatus” soon, with the upcoming Worlds Collide premium live event serving as a swan song for brand that launched the WWE careers of Rhea Ripley and GUNTHER.

NXT UK Releases
On Thursday, WWE parted ways over a dozen performers from NXT UK. They include:

Flash Morgan Webster
Mark Andrews
Jack Starz
Wild Boar
Millie McKenzie
Dave Mastiff
Ashton Smith
Nina Samuels
Kenny Williams
Sam Gradwell
Sha Samuels
Dave Mastiff
Rohan Raja
Amir Jordan
Kirsty Bosley (Announcer)

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