Beyond Wrestling: Wrestling Open Results (9/1/22)

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Beyond Wrestling held week 35 of its Wrestling Open series on September 1 from White Eagle in Worcester, MA.

Full results for the show can be found below.

Spotlight Match: Pedro Dones def. Mantequilla

– Nu Graysons (Tommy & JP Graysons) def. Team H20 (Austin Luke & Reid Walker)

– Aaron Rourke def. Dezmond Cole

– Even Stevens (Steve Azure & Steve Somerset) def. Hispanic Mechanics (Jos A & Jos B)

– Ray Jaz def. Perry Von Vicious

– The Stetson Ranch (Steven Stetson, BRG, Delmi Exo) def. Johnny Santos, Clara Carraras & Encore

– Shook Crew (Bobby Orlando & Bryce Donovan) def. Vlog Bro University (Dante Drago & Jack Tomlinson)

– BRG challenges Bobby Orlando, who accepts.

– Brad Hollister def. Marcus Mathers

– Alec Price def. Dan Barry

– The Mane Event (Midas Black & Jay Lyon) def. The Haven (Shawn Knyte & Jay Onyx)

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