iMPACT Wrestling Results (9/8/22)

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Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs. Aussie Open

Aussie Open jump start the match with an attack. Bey gains control with lots of offense on Fletcher. Ace assists in getting Davis out of the ring before flipping out and over. Ace and Bey double team Fletcher. Bey lands a frog splash but Davis breaks it up. Davis turns the tide, allowing Aussie Open to double team Bey. They land their double team finisher for the three.

Winners: Aussie Open

Backstage, Maria hypes up OGK for their tag title win last week. She says it’s evidence of change. King says they can’t lose focus as he’s pursuing the X-Division title. Eddie says he’ll take care of Heath tonight.

Gia Miller asks Good Brothers what’s next after they lost their titles. They said it gives them once more chance to win more gold and note that they aren’t done with Honor No More. Motor City Machine Guns interrupt and address the fact that these two teams have never faced each other directly. Good Brothers are ready for it.

Mickie James vs. Raychell Rose

Mickie comes out for the first match of her Last Rodeo. They lock up and transition into headlocks and arm twists by James. Rose lands a running knee in the corner, cover. Rose kicks Mickie in the ropes, another one-count. Rose clotheslines Mickie a couple times until Mickie counters with a neck breaker. Mickie lands a Thesz Press from the top. Mickie counters Rose again with a super kick. MickDT lands for the victory.

Winner: Mickie James

Kenny King interrupts Mia Yim and Scott D’Amore’s discussion backstage. King and Yim trash talk each other before Yim leaves. King wants his third X-Division title. D’Amore says Speedball will defend against Mascara Dorada next week, but he will have announce it that King will be interested in. King isn’t happy about it, so D’Amore books King vs. Yuyu Umera next.

Maclin is asked about his alliance with Moose. Maclin says he was just giving Moose something to think about; there is no alliance. Next week, Moose and Maclin will team up to face Decay.

Kenny King vs. Yuya Umera

Lock up to start. King wraps around Umera’s waist and takes him over. King locks in a head lock on the mat. They were up to their feet and separate at the ropes. Yuya hits an elbow drop, two count. Yuya lands a dropkick, both men down. King does a Scorpion Kick and rolls Yuya out of the corner to set up a spinebuster. King hits a Tiger Driver for a nearfall. They roll out where King sends Yuya into the steps. Mia Yim runs down and gets in King’s face to taunt him. King stacks on Yuya with his feet on the ropes, but Yim stops it. King grabs Mia’s head, but she kicks him. Yuya lands a crossbody from the top for the win.

Winner: Yuya Umera

Sami Callihan cuts a promo on Moose and Maclin backstage.

We see a vignette of Deaner looking for EY. Deaner shouts “designer” before EY walks out of a door to confront Deaner. Eric asks Deaner if this is what he wants, if he still believes in the design. Violence is the answer as a group of men in orange sweatshirts surround them shouting “violence” over and over.

Chelsea Green vs. Taya Valkyrie

Taya hits a crossbody early on for a short count. In the corner, she rubs her butt in Chelsea’s face before running into her with the double knees. On the apron, Chelsea reverses by kicking Taya in the face and pulling her out of the ring. Green covers for a two. Chelsea shoves her boot against Taya’s face in the corner. Taya falls into the splits for Chelsea to kick her in the face. Taya elbows her way up but Chelsea does a tiltawhirl takedown for another cover. Taya does a few knees and a clothesline. Blue thunder bomb from Valkyrie for a two. Taya boots Green’s face into the mat, two. Deonna trips Taya’s feet before Rosemary wipes Deonna out. Taya rolls Chelsea up for a two. Jessicka gets on the apron, but Chelsea shoves Taya into her. Chelsea lands Unprettier for the win.

Winner: Chelsea Green

Gia Miller asks Jordynne Grace about handing Masha a death warrant. Grace says Masha’s gone undefeated because she psychs her opponents out. Jordynne says Masha’s intimidation skills may have gotten her this far, but she’s not going to let Masha into her head. Jordynne opens her locker room to find “Masha’s Gonna Kill You” written on the wall.

A vignette for PCO airs.

Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers (c) vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

Gujjar unloads from the start with punches and whipping Myers across the ring. Gujjar lands a suplex and goes up top but Myers rolls to the apron. Myers sends Gujjar into the ring post head-first before commercial. Myers steals the title from the timekeepers area. Back in the ring, Gujjar engages in a tug of war until he hits Myers in the head with it for the DQ. Gujjar leaves with the title again anyway.

Winner: Brian Myers (c) by DQ

Confirmed for next week:

  • Moose & Steve Maclin vs. Decay
  • Killer Kelly vs. Alisha Edwards
  • X-Division Title: Mike Bailey (c) vs. Mascara Dorada
  • Good Brothers vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Commentary announces the Barbed Wire Massacre match will headline Victory Road. It’s also announced Masha will pick Jordynne’s challenge at Victory Road.

Gail Kim confronts Tasha Steelz regarding Killer Kelly. Kelly will face Alisha next week and Kelly wants Tasha on commentary.

Scott D’Amore books Myers vs. Gujjar in a ladder match for the Digital Media title in two weeks.

Eddie Edwards vs. Heath

Heath whips Eddie around the ring to start. Heath dodges a Boston Knee Party and hits Wake Up Call. Bennett gets involved, but Heath hits Wake Up Call on him as well. While the ref is distracted, Eddie low blows Heath. Eddie nails Boston Knee Party for the three.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Eddie grabs a mic and says it’s time for Josh Alexander to make a choice. Josh makes his way out. Eddie says they will be opponents at BFG, but they don’t have to enemies. Josh said he’s on whatever said is across from Eddie. A brawl breaks out as Josh German suplexes Eddie around until King comes in and beats Josh down. Heath joins in, followed by Bennett. Rich Swann runs out and throws punches. Taven out next. Honor No More control the numbers game as four on one beat down Josh. Maria walks out with the tag titles to witness Eddie hit Josh with Boston Knee Party.

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