NJPW New Japan Strong (Fighting Spirit Unleashed Episode 2) – September 17, 2022

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Location: Hollywood California
Venue: Vermont Hollywood
Attendance: 287

Peter Avalon vs. Adrian Quest

Match starts off with some shoving starts us off as Adrian Quest was taken down in a hammerlock he scrambles out though as we reset. Peter Avalon’s back in with a side headlock, then a shoulder block after the shove off, before Quest scored with a ‘rana and a corkscrew body press off the middle rope.

Quest’s side chinlock has Avalon down, as did an armdrag and armbar, while a seatbelt pin nearly put the Wingman down. A snap suplex gets Quest a one count, but Avalon’s able to hang up Quest’s leg in the ropes before scoring with a Drive By running dropkick from the floor to the knee.

Avalon chucks Quest to the outside so he could pose in the middle of the ring. Joining Quest outside, Avalon throws a chop, then took it back into the ring as Avalon had to shut down a comeback, dropping Quest with a shin breaker, then a back suplex for a two count then more chops took Quest into the corner for a palm thrust, but a superplex was fought out of as Quest came back with a springboard ‘rana.

Quest can’t immediately follow up though, as the pair trade right hands from there, only for Avalon to kick out the knee. A dropkick from Quest gets him another shot, leading to a running shooting star press for a two count, then a springboard senton to lay out Avalon on the outside back inside Avalon rolls out of a fireman’s carry, then caught Quest in a Golden Arch half crab, but Quest makes it to the ropes for the break.

Avalon looks to go back to the half crab, but Quest kicks his way free, then took Avalon to the corner for a tornado DDT but he’s pushed away as Avalon nails Quest with the Marti knees for the win.

Winner: Peter Avalon (8:52)

Tag Team Match
Team Filthy vs. Cody Chhun & Jordan Cruz

Tom Lawlor rolled Cody Chhun down in a wristlock early on, before Cody escaped and hit a spinaroonie after his own wristlock takedown. Going in for an ankle lock, Lawlor pulled Chhun away from the ropes, then tied him up in a cross legged surfboard that ended in the ropes. A tag brings in JR Kratos, who measured Chuun with some right hands, before some captured stomps left a helpless Chhun laying.

Kratos effortlessly slammed Chhun & Jordan Cruz after some help from Lawlor, who then tagged back in pepper Cody with kicks to the back. Chhun tries to fight back, but got knocked down, before a chop from Cruz on the apron helped Cody get free before an O’Connor roll nearly got the upset. Cruz tagged in from the kick out, launching in for a sunset flip for a two count, while a Chhun superkick set up Cruz for a jackknife pin that nearly won it.

Lawlor’s uranage out of the corner cuts off Cruz, while kicks took Cruz into the corner Cruz tries to fight out, with a little help from Chhun as dualling rolling elbows and an errant charge from Lawlor led to a 3D neckbreaker that almost won it. Cruz’s German suplex keeps the threat of an upset high, while a roll through suplex was countered by a mounted Kimura from Lawlor.

Cruz tries to power out, but Lawlor dragged him down leading to a Tenzan Tombstone Driver from Lawlor. Tags bring us to Chhun & Kratos, but it’s Kratos steaming ahead until Chhun went up top but he’s met with a Pele kick, then was press slammed out of the corner, before getting pounce’d into the corner.

Cruz tries for a save, but a cut throat back suplex from Lawlor cuts him off before the Most Feared gets the victory.

Winners: Team Filthy (9:54)

8 Man Tag Team Match
Bullet Club vs. Roppongi Vice,Kushida & Taylor Rust

Taylor Rust & Chase Owens start us off, with Rust’s swift hiptoss cover and dropkick having Chase on the back foot early on then a plea to tag out was eventually answered by Jay White, who squared off against Trent Beretta, before the pair headed to the corner with White stomping some mudholes then some chops follow, before Beretta’s fightback led him to a half & half suplex on White.

Juice Robinson kicks Beretta in the ropes, as the distraction allowed White back in only for Rocky Romero to hit some double knees as we broke out into a parade of moves that cleared the ring. Dives follow, as White ends up taking a tornado DDT back inside from Trent for a near fall as the Bullet Club then cleared the decks.

Juice tagged in and charges Beretta into the corner as the Bullet Club slowed the pace of things down to a crawl. Owens is back to get a two count out of a backbreaker, while Juice tagged back and measured up Trent for a left hand. A deadlift back suplex and a back senton from Juice keeps him ahead, as did a grounded sleeper hold, but Trent’s able to get free only to get launched into the corner with snake eyes.

Kushida punches away Juice as Dudebuster from Trent and a senton bomb from Rust led to a Rocky being thrown on top of Juice for a near fall. Robinson rolls over and tagged in Hikuleo who took him down with ease, only for leaping knees from Roppongi Vice to earn them a clothesline in return. Rust is back with chops as this one’s kinda broken down in terms of tags, leading to yet another Parade of Moves, with a backslide into a package piledriver from Chase spiking Trent.

Rust’s back up to land a Perfect Circle on Chase, but Hikuleo’s still legal and almost chopped White. That’s all shrugged off as Hikuleo snapped Rust down with a powerslam, as White added a sleeper suplex then demanded to be tagged in so he can hit Blade Runner on Rust to get the win.

Winners: Bullet Club (14:46)

After the match Bullet Club focused on Kushida, allowing Taiji Ishimori to hit a Bloody Cross on his future Junior Heavyweight Title challenger before White closed out the show with his promo.

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