WOMEN’S WRESTLING ARMY Results (9/14/22)

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Commentary: Alyssa Marino, Lenny Leonard

We opened with a video package hyping Queen Aminata vs. Janai Kai in this week’s main event.

-Opening theme.

(1) JORDAN BLADE vs. MAZZERATI (w/Tasha Steelz)

Blade tossed Mazzerati across the ring. She pulled her to the mat and squeezed her into a headlock. Blade caught her with a series of flash pins. Mazzerati chucked to ringside with a gutwrench throw. Mazzerati gained an advantage by working Blade’s arm over the ropes. Mazzerati tried for a roll-up but Blade bludgeoned her with right hands. Cannonball in the corner. Saito suplex for two. Rear naked choke into a crossface. Mazzerati faked a knee injury to draw the referee’s attention, allowing Steelz to hit Blade with a drive-by kick. Mazzerati followed with her own spin kick for the pin.

WINNER: Mazzerati in 10:57.

-Steelz held up Mazzerati’s arm in victory.

-Ashley D’Amboise spoke in French and put over her 2-0 record. She said Adora’s record isn’t as flawless as hers. (Adora is 1-1-1 with a win over Cosmic, a loss to Deonna Purrazzo, and a draw against Big Swole.)


Slow going in the opening minutes. D’Amboise bailed to the floor for a breather and dropped Adora throat-fist over the top rope. Running blockbuster. Back and forth with neither woman gaining an edge. Pump-kick and senton from Adora. German suplex. Fisherman suplex. Back slide from D’Amboise. Backbreaker from Adora. Lariat Tubman.

WINNER: Trish Adora in 10:01.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Adora just ranked #50 on the 2022 PWI 500 due to her intergender work. It was slightly down from her 2021 ranking at 44 but remained the highest placement of any woman in wrestling this year.)

-An upset D’Amboise ranted backstage in French.


Aminata took a powder to ringside early on. They traded chops in the corner. Running hip attack from Aminata. Swinging neckbreaker for two. They took turns trading kicks, with Kai unimpressed by Aminata’s strikes. Both women went down at 12:00. More kicks from Kai. Flatliner from Aminata, into the Juicy Lock. Kai made the rope break. Swinging neckbreaker. Top rope double-stomp but Kai kicked out. Tornado kick from Kai for the shocking win.

WINNER: Janai Kai in 14:44.

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