Sasha Banks Release ‘Not Official’

Brandon June 22, 2022
Updated 2022/06/22 at 10:14 PM
Photo Credit: WWE

Dave Meltzer spoke on his regular Sunday Night’s Main Event slot this past week. Where he provided more details in the Sasha Banks release story. Meltzer said that the last thing he heard was that they were still in talks about her release and he wouldn’t shock him if she got her release this week.

This contradicts some previous reports last week from Wrestling Incs Raj Giri, and Wrestlevotes on Twitter that said it was already a “release”. Both Raj and Wrestlevotes are usually 100% accurate and to be trusted and it was just a case of the release is not through yet.

Meltzer stated:

“As far as I know, the only thing that I have been told is that they are negotiating it right now. I don’t know that the negotiation is final. I know that it’s been written (in media reports) that it is. The last I asked, which would have been two days ago, it was not final but it wouldn’t shock me if it happened this week. That is how it was described to me a couple of days ago. Where it is at this moment, I don’t know.”

Meltzer said that he wouldn’t be surprised if there was something included in the agreement where both sides don’t say anything negative about the other.

Banks is still listed on the roster page however has been edited out of the video packages and posters.

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