Triple H Reportedly Resumes Duties At WWE Performance Center

Brandon June 22, 2022
Updated 2022/06/22 at 9:46 PM
Photo Credit: WWE

It looks as though WWE Hall of Famer Paul Levesque, aka Triple H, is once again taking on responsibility backstage since suffering a cardiac event last year.

According to a new report from John Pollock of “POST Wrestling”, Levesque spoke as part of a meeting today at the WWE Performance Center and specifically used the phrasing, “I’m back.” It’s not certain what this exactly means, though one could naturally see it as Levesque announcing his return to a prominent backstage role with the promotion.

Levesque was hospitalized in 2021 due to viral pneumonia building up fluid in his lungs and heart, a situation that ultimately revealed a genetic heart condition and caused Levesque’s heart to nearly fail completely. While he was gone, Levesque’s executive producer position in “WWE NXT”, was put to the side and picked up by one of his closest friends both on and off-screen: Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid reportedly took over most of Triple H’s duties during that time and essentially became the go-to guy for “NXT’s” developing talents.

Even after Levesque returned, retaining his current corporate role, his duties were reportedly drastically different than they were before his absence, suggesting that he wasn’t influencing “NXT” much during his recovery — a situation that might now be changing. Levesque was also a big part of WWE welcoming a new class to the NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) Next In Line Program that chooses standout athletes to report to the Performance Center. The program focuses on developing useful skills for a WWE career like brand-building, media influence, communication, live event promotion, creative writing, and community relations, all aspects of pro wrestling at which Levesque excels.

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