WWE NXT Results (6/14/22)

Brandon June 16, 2022
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Creed Brothers (Brutus & Julius Creed) vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade — NXT Tag Team Championship

Brutus starts this one off against Enofe. Brutus nails Enofe with a slam then an elbow drop before making the tag to Julius, who slams Brutus on top of Enofe and goes for the cover but Enofe kicks out. Enofe cracks Julius with a kick then makes the tag to Blade and the challengers double team Julius but Julius comes back and knocks them both out with a double clothesline as we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Enofe wallops Julius with an enziguri and goes for the cover but Julius kicks out. We then see Diamond Mine watching the match from a monitor while backstage.

Enofe clobbers Julius with some forearms to the back but Julius powers to his feet and plants both Enofe and Blade with German suplexes. Julius lifts and nails Enofe with a back-body drop the another German suplex but on his way up for the slam, Enofe made the tag to Blade, who cracks Julius with a super kick then knocks Brutus off the apron but the Creed Brothers clear the ring of Blade, who made a quick tag to Enofe and Brutus slams Enofe to the mat and Julius follows up with a sliding elbow strike for the 1-2-3!

Winners – Creed Brothers (C) (STILL NXT Tag Team Champions)

– We then see Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez and Indi Hartwell backstage preparing for their match against Toxic Attraction, later tonight.

– Back at the ringside area, Tiffany Stratton is making her way down to the ring and she’ll face Fallon Henley, after the break.

Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley (with Briggs & Jensen)

Henley attacks Stratton right as the bell sounds. Henley plants Stratton with a powerbomb and turns it into a pin attempt but Stratton kicks out. Stratton puts Henley on the top turnbuckle and plants her with a slam and Wendy Choo comes down to the ring and throws confetti into Stratton’s face, Henley rolls her up and gets the three-count!

Winner – Fallon Henley

– After the match, Choo celebrates on her bounce ball as Stratton yells at her from a distance.

– We then see Cameron Grimes, backstage and he approaches NXT Champion, Bron Breakker. Grimes pats Breakker on the shoulder and exits but Duke Hudson comes in and challenges Breakker to a match, later tonight.

– Back at the ringside area, Wes Lee is making his way down to the ring and he’ll face Xyon Quinn, after the break.

Wes Lee vs. Xyon Quinn

Lee immedaitely rushes Quinn, but Quinn slams him to the mat and grounds Lee with a boot to the throat. Quinn deadlifts Lee and launches him across the ring with an overhead toss. Lee backs up to the ropes but Quinn wallops him with a spear then another overhead slam. Lee trips Quinn to the mat, goes up top and nails Quinn with a 450 splash for the 1-2-3!

Winner – Wes Lee

– A video package highlighting Nathan Frazer’s journey to NXT 2.0 is then shown. Frazer says he was a soccer star growing up and had dreams of playing professionally in England but he decided to take a shot at professional wrestling instead.

– We then see Joe Gacy in a dark room with his druids and it’s announced that the druids will be in action, after the break.

The Druids (with Joe Gacy) vs. Dante Chen & Javier Bernal

One of the druids wallop Bernal with a flying forearm but Bernal knocks him back and makes the tag to Chen, who slams the druid to the mat and goes for the cover but the druid kicks out. The druid makes the tag to the other druid, who slams Chen to the mat and cracks him with a forearm before making the tag back to the other druid. Chen comes back and nails the druid with a kick then makes the tag to Bernal, who lands a pair of elbows then an enziguri but the other druid interferes and they hit a double team move on Bernal for the three-count!

Winners – The Druids

– We then see Nikkita Lyons’ recovery from injury and it’s announced that she’ll be ‘returning soon’.

– Tony D’Angelo, Two Stacks, Dimes, Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro of the D’Angelo Family make their way down to the ring. D’Angelo has ‘officially’ promoted Two Stacks and Dimes from ‘associate’ to ‘soldier’. NXT North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams make their way down to the ring. D’Angelo cuts off Hayes and challenges him to a title match. Hayes accepts the challenge and Two Stacks and Dimes challenge Hayes and Williams to a match, later tonight, which is also accepted. We then head to a commercial break.

Bron Breakker (C) vs. Duke Hudson — NXT Championship

Breakker wallops Hudson with a clothesline then a slam. Breakker removes his singlet straps and plants Hudson with his finisher and gets the quick 1-2-3!

Winner – Bron Breakker (STILL NXT Champion)

– After the match, Cameron Grimes’ music hits. Grimes comes down and says Breakker has got everything because of who his dad is while Grimes’ father has passed away and while Bron’s father can sit in the crowd and watch his son win titles, his dad has to look down on him. Grimes says Bron’s built like a truck but his heart is something that Bron can never match. Grimes challenges Bron to a title match in three weeks at Great American Bash. Bron shakes Grimes’ hand and the pair come face-to-face as the segment ends.

– We then see Diamond Mine backstage. The Creed Brothers come in and say Roderick Strong is right and because of that, they got Strong and Damon Kemp a match, for next week. Strong says his ankle isn’t fully healed and he needs more time. Ivy Nile says in the Diamond Mine, there’s no excuses, Strong agrees and storms off.

– It’s then announced that Giovanni Vinci will make his debut, after the break.

Giovanni Vinci vs. Guru Raaj

Vinci with an arm drag to start. Raaj rolls out but Vinci trips him right back to the mat and applies and arm lock. Vinci with another arm drag then a chop to the chest before a Judo throw into a headlock. Vinci cracks Raaj with a forearm to the back then goes for a slam, Raaj slides out but Vinci wallops him with a lariat. Vinci slaps Raaj in the face, Raaj fights back with some strikes and goes for a sunset flip but Vinci holds firm and Raaj goes flying down to the mat. Vinci lands a springboard cross body then drops Raaj with a right hook to the corner. Vinci lands a few chops to the chest and tosses Raaj to the mat. Vinci plants Raaj with a piledriver and gets the three-count!

Winner – Giovanni Vinci

– We then see Solo Sikoa backstage with McKenzie Mitchell. Grayson Waller interrupts the interview and challenges Sikoa to a match for next week.

– Back at the ringside area, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams make their way down to the ring and they’ll face Two Stacks and Dimes, after the break.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs. Two Stacks & Dimes (with Tony D’Angelo, Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro)

A brawl breaks out right off the bat. Williams nails Dimes with a corner splash then a clothesline and a slam before going for the cover but Dimes kicks out. Another brawl breaks out, D’Angelo Family attacks from ringside but Williams clears the ring and makes the tag to Hayes, who goes up top and cracks Stacks with a diving leg drop for the 1-2-3!

Winners – Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams

– After the match, Tony D’Angelo berates Legado Del Fantasma for costing Dimes and Stacks the match and it’s announced that Hayes will defend his title against D’Angelo, next week.

Toxic Attraction (Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jane) vs. Cora Jade, Indi Hartwell & Roxanne Perez

Jayne and Perez start this one off. Jayne cracks Perez with some chops to the chest and applies and arm lock. Perez comes back and lays Jayne out with an armdrag then a senton and Perez goes for the cover but Jayne kicks out. Perez and Jayne lay into each other with some heavy strikes and Perez cracks Jayne with a running knee then makes the tag to Hartwell as Jane tags in NXT Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose. Hartwell nails Rose with a super kick then goes for the cover but Rose kicks out. A brawl breaks out, Rose nails Jade, who was tagged in, with an elbow but Jade comes back with a snap suplex then a double stomp the to midsection and goes for the cover but Rose kicks out. Jayne is tagged in by the champion and Jayne plants Jade with a suplex of her own and goes for the cover but Jade lifts the shoulders.

Jayne makes the tag to Dolin, who nails Jade with a super kick then goes for the cover but Jade kicks out after a two-count. Dolin makes the tag to Rose, Jade does the same to Perez and Rose immediately tags out to Dolin. Hartwell stops Jayne from attacking the ring, Jade wallops Dolin with a senton, Perez hits Pop Rox on Dolin and gets the 1-2-3!

Winners – Cora Jade, Indi Hartwell & Roxanne Perez

– After the match, Jade, Hartwell and Perez stand tall on the entrance ramp as the three champions look on from the ring as the show goes off the air!

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