WWE Rumor Killer on Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

Brandon June 20, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 4:54 PM
Photo Credit: WWE

A big rumor has been making rounds regarding Stephanie McMahon and Triple H and it’s time to put it to rest.

Last week brought a firestorm of news in the wrestling business. WWE, in particular, was under a microscope following a report from The Wall Street Journal.

After news broke that the WWE board is investigating Vince McMahon for an alleged secret $3 million pact with a former employee, the company announced that Stephanie is now the interim CEO and Chairwoman of the company.

Fans noticed something in the press release and it started the rumor mill.

No, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Have Not Split

In the official WWE presser, Stephanie was referred to as “Ms. McMahon” rather than “Mrs. McMahon.” This led some to believe that Stephanie and Triple H may have quietly split from their longtime marriage.

Wade Keller of PWTorch is reporting that this simply isn’t true. In fact, sources told Wade that the two very much continue to be a “team.”

The source also told Keller that when Stephanie stepped back, Triple H actually reduced his hours in the company.

Stephanie is said to have taken the leave of absence in part due to the age of their kids and the fact that they are well off as far as money is concerned.

Wade also dismissed the notion that Stephanie initially took a leave of absence because she knew about the investigation on Vince.

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